About Alrai Med

Alrai media group ,the largest media group in Kuwait,has the pleasure to  announce  it's  latest media service, AlraiMed. 
AlraiMed will be completing  Alrai's media group already dominant and most successful media in Kuwait starting with Alrai newspaper, the number one daily newspaper, to Alrai TV  the number one TV in Kuwait , to all Alrai's digital media bouquet.
AlraiMed is the first full fledge media medical service ,it will be a connecting point between the medical body in all it's components from doctors ,hospital ,pharmacies ,medical centers ,to everything that has to do with health , with the public.
Alraimed is a complete medical index that contains all the information in the medical sector, throughout all the media that Alrai media group owns starting from Alrai newspaper to Alrai TV ,  to AlraiMed completely new application and website In addition to alrai social media and digital unit.The subscribers will have opportunity of choosing  between more than one package  to suit their marketing  needs and wants .
We are confident that AlraiMed will be an additional success to the existing components of Alrai media group, and we hope it will facilitate and benefit the medical body because of the great value it has by becoming a bridge between the public and the  different health  related  sectors .