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Dr. Moataz Abdel Wahed AttiaOphthalmology

Salmiya, Belajat Street
P.O. BOX 36904
Ras Al-Salmiya 24760
Phone : 1 881122
Fax : 25764444

- phacoemulsification of Cataract with lens implant, correcting refractive errors, astigmatism (toric lenses) in addition to reading by multifocal lenses.

- Lasik for correcting short and long sightedness in addition to astigmatism.

- Lasers; YAG for Capsule opacities and argon for diabetic retina and other retinal diseases.

- Keratoconus surgery: rings (corneal support), crosslinking (halting progress) and keratoplasty (restoring vision).

- Strabismus surgery for children and adults.

- Lid Lift and puffy lids cosmetic surgery.

- Tear sac (lacrimal) surgery, Watering eye management in children and infants.

- Glaucoma surgery, laser valve implant and medical manegement.

- Optic nerve monitoring by visual fields and OCT.

- Funds check for diabetics and other diseases, monitoring progress by fluorescein angiography (FFA) and OCT.

- Injections for diabetic and aging macular oedema.




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