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Dr. Rana EskndanafiOphthalmology

ِAl seef hospital
Salmiya, Belajat Street

  • 1881122


.Diagnosis and treatment of all ophthalmology diseases.

.All kinds of diagnostic procedures such as fluoresce in angiography , A&B Scan , pachoemetry , corneal topography .

.All kinds of ophthalmic lasers ( Argon laser retinal photocoagulation.YAG laser peripheral iridology ,YAG laser peripheral iridology.YAG laser capsulotomy ).

.Refractive surgery including LASIK, PRK.

.Strabismus evaluation &treatment.

.Minor surgeries like chalazion, pterygium, and irrigation of the Lacrimal drainage system ,cryoepilation ,cryocyclodesrtuction.

.Refraction and glasses prescription and contact lenses fitting.   




Al Seef Hospital

Belajat Street – Ras Al Salmiya

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Dr. Rana Eskndanafi

ِAl seef hospital Salmiya, Belajat Street 1881122

Phone: 1881122